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Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process automation and Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automation is an advanced version of automation where machines mimic human actions and have cognitive capabilities including natural language processing, computer vision software, machine learning, and voice recognition. Increasing process effectiveness includes the main advantages of IA in the company. Intelligent automation empowers people to make quicker, smarter choices with sophisticated smart technologies and agile processes.

Know the smart automation future

AI research's goals include planning, learning reasoning, representation of information, perception, natural language processing as well as the ability to move. In theory, most AI problems can be solved by searching smartly through many possible solutions. Using AI's benefits we offer a wide range of services that help us deliver. creative,unique, and effective solutions that further ensure excellent customer service.

  • Spontaneous

    Take benefit of easy-to-design, comprehend and use workflows and automation instruments process.

  • United

    Enable process automation with deeply embedded IPA capabilities within your recording systems.

  • Smart

    Learn how to optimize your critical business processes from smart actions that provide AI-as-service.

  • Smart workflow

    A process management software tool that integrates duties conducted by human and machines.


A tailor-made, holistic smart automation approach allows you to upgrade your staff, scaled for maximum ROI, boost efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. As the specialist in software engineering behind many of the world's leading platforms for smart automation, Pentabay can create, engineer and optimize alternatives to assist you to attain your distinctive company objectives.


We begin with an evaluation of maturity and a strategic plan of action that aligns with your company priorities.


We have comprehensive knowledge of deployment across a wide range of companies, IT and industrial environments.


We can handle and optimize alternatives as well as assist you in setting up your own centers of excellence.


The significant business benefits of IA include

RPA is also known as Robotic Process automation is an evolving type of business process automation technology based on the concept of metaphorical robots or employees in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

RPA tools have powerful technical resemblance to testing tools for the graphical user interface. These tools also automate GUI interactions and often do so by repeating a number of user-driven demonstration actions. Businesses are increasing quickly worldwide due to the exploration of innovation and technology. As companies move towards progress, they are looking for intelligent alternatives that can automate their industrial activities to enhance effectiveness by saving extra time and cost.

By caring for unexciting, time-consuming duties, robots enable human staff to take on more satisfactory roles that require complicated thinking and creativity. Pentabay engineers understand exactly the need to develop RPA alternatives in view of the enhanced demand for new innovations in automation systems and pressures.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with no human errors
  • Consume less number of time and money
  • Enhanced internal procedures
  • Maintain maximum visibility and control
  • Improved enterprise data security
  • Reduce operating costs and boost throughput
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of work


Get in touch with your specifications to discuss a solution you need, we will work together to make something great.

Our Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike natural intelligence.


AI Consultancy Service

We are partner with customers to gain business understanding and perform proofs-of-concept for AI readiness assessments.Our AI advisors concentrate on different elements of your AI-based process development, such as AI-based apps, system customization, cognitive integration, cloud and IoT consulting.

Neural Networks

Emulate human brain mechanics to analyse information and generate patterns for critical decision-making. Our tailor-made deep learning portfolio includes multifaceted artificial neural networking to develop advanced technologies for object and facial recognition, applications for home automation and business automation.



Our Advanced Artificial Intelligence seamless machine learning services can integrate with your current business model to maximize customer conversion. Our hard-working expert team uses creative approaches and solutions to assist them deliver more agile AI apps, create safety, and cut expenses.

Computer Vision

Cutting edge facilities based on optical character recognition (OCR), identification of objects, classification/recognition, and monitoring, face recognition, and content-based image retrieval (CBIR). Computer vision experts focus on creating software to help machines acquire process, evaluate and understand digital images or video.



Our team creates AI-based apps using innovative & creative thoughts and methodologies to empower companies and assist them attain their objectives. Our data scientists use methods (such as data mining and machine learning) and algorithms for analyzing, modelling, developing and deploying AI capacities to solve different company issues.

Natural Language Processing

Improve communication with our natural language processing services between systems and humans. We are specialized in natural language processing technology that allows machines to understand and understand what individuals are talking and writing about, interpret their feelings and take appropriate actions based on this understanding.



Our AI platform services are specifically tailored to our customers ' varied needs and are implemented to deliver maximum advantages without any problems or discrepancies. By constructing customized AI solutions tailored to their job ecosystem, we have helped several businesses develop their company.


When issues occur with your software, we are accessible to consult with you or your employees. For seamless and efficient communication, our team utilizes industry-standard communication instruments. While reducing effort, this improves effectiveness. We are accessible to assist remotely or on-site.


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